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Stroke of the Pen established 1985

About Me


    he Art of Beautiful Letters has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. After taking one Calligraphy course nearly 40 years ago, I was hooked on Hand Calligraphy.     


Several years later, my love of beautiful writing and pretty papers led me to selling invitations.  Over the last 25 years, much personal joy has come from helping people buy the right invitations for them. 


I have had the pleasure of meeting with families of Brides and Bar and Bat Mitzvah children and have become part of their special event.  Being patient in this process, I have been told I am easy to work with.  Selecting your own unique invitations and / or having your very special invitation envelopes addressed will be stress free.  I have the experience needed to guide you through the daunting addressing etiquette as well as the challenging wording process and designing of an invitation.  The result will be yours exclusively.


Having addressed many different types of envelopes, in many typestyles, in many ink colors has allowed me to expand my body of work.  I have also had the opportunity to hand write placecards, seating charts, poems, eulogies and, even, sea shells and home made ornaments.


Previously located on Long Island, I am now working in New York City 


Mindy R.
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