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Stroke of the Pen established 1985
  • Envelope Addressing

  • Invitations

  • Placecards

  • Seating Charts

  • Poems

  • Quotes

  • Favorite Family Recipes

  • Any other items needing to be specially printed by hand

Hand Calligraphy

 n addition to the above items, my years of experience have taught me the following tips:

✽ Matching the typestyle on your envelope with the

    typestyle on your invitation is important and

    we consider this whenever possible.

✽ Addressing etiquette is also important. We have

   extensive knowledge of this. 

✽ Envelopes: guest lists are needed at least 1 week

   before your mailing date. 

✽ Placecards: guest lists are needed 5 days before    

   your event.


✽ All other jobs' time lines are subject to the work               needed to complete them. 

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